eXRt Intelligent Healthcare

Fullstack Engineer

eXRt Intelligent Healthcare

January 22, 2022 - Present over 2 years

I was contracted by the founder and CEO to develop their MVP MedTech app ReSynk which assists in the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

I worked closely with the founder and their VR team to deliver a comphrensive and reliable API with accompanying dashboard application.

One of highlights of the project was the implementation of a WebRTC video conferencing feature that allows doctors to monitor their patients VR sessions remotely.

Due to the sensitive nature of the domain, security was an upmost concern from day one. I implemented a custom authentcation system that considers both the accesibilty needs of the users, as well as the mission critical data flowing through the system every day.

The app is currently live in production with several hospitals around the UK, and I continue to provide support and maintenance to eXRt.