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Solutions Architect

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7 months (2022 - 2023)

As a Solutions Architect, I lead a team of 3 junior developers to replace an outdated system with a brand new platform within a year. The main goals from my involvement were as follows.

  1. To upskill the 3 junior developers so the business had an in-house team capable of building further products and delivering value without outsourcing.
  2. To ensure a smooth delivery of their new subscriber platform within a timely fashion.

I provided ongoing support, architected the system on AWS and worked closely with C-levels and key stakeholders to ensure a timely delivery.

I introduced the team to a basic MERN stack, utilizing AWS for static hosting, Auth0 for authentication, and NestJS with MongoDB for the backend. This architecture was chosen to support future expansion and familiarize the team with foundational concepts.

I held a daily technical scrum where we focused on any blocker, I remained in close contact with the team over Slack and delivered bi-weekly end of sprint demos to the CEO.

Overall the outcome was extremely positive. In-fact the team have just recently developed an internal application for the business without my assistance!